Kendra Strange

Curriculum Specialist | Achievement Consultant

Kendra Strange promotes high expectations for learning communities by equipping stakeholders with instructional tools for unprecedented achievement.

Kendra Strange's Bio:

Dr. Kendra Strange has worked as a professor, teacher, elementary and high school principal, Bilingual/ESL director, and School Improvement Consultant. Most recently, Dr. Strange consults for districts throughout the U.S. leading teams to enhance instruction and produce rapid achievement results. Kendra is also an LSI faculty member and works with the Marzano Center as a training, content writer and leadership coach. Kendra's love of teaching began while doing Mission work with her church n East Africa and South East Asia. Kendra lived overseas for about three years teaching children to read and write in the remote villages of Kenya and The Philippines. Kendra returned home for what she thought was only a few months stay to renew visa paperwork and accepted a teaching job at an inner city school. Thinking the assignment was only temporary until her visa paperwork was complete, she didn't realize a career was born. Although Kendra never returned to teaching children in third-world countries, her determination to change the world through educating children spurred her to complete her doctorate in order to better equip herself to lead school reform. Dr. Kendra Strange offers districts a unique skill set from a PK-12 perspective that few educational practitioners possess. Kendra has a deep understanding of instructional best practice that allows her to guide district teams to create vertically aligned curriculum and intervention plans that lead to rapid achievement gains. Her powerful command of literacy instruction impacts achievement across subjects through content-literacy professional development, curriculum planning and training. Kendra is a sought after public speaker tackling tough topics such as closing performance gaps of at-risk students, advanced academics for low preforming campuses and ensuring rigor during intervention efforts. Speaking at National and State conferences from Washington D.C. to Puerto Rico, Dr. Strange is committed to presenting her research on best instructional practices to bring awareness to and share solutions to the perceptual equity gaps in our education system. Dr. Kendra Strange has spent her career facilitating the success of at-risk students, closing performance gaps and equipping educators with instructional best practice that shatters would-be achievement gaps. Kendra ignites passion in those she leads and has high expectations all members of professional learning communities. As a servant leader, Dr. Strange's colleagues have described her as a “leader with grit” and one who “gets in the trenches with her principals and teachers”. Kendra’s love for students and deep belief that all students can be successful drive her success as an educational leader.

Kendra Strange's Education:

  • Tarleton State University

    Concentration: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Baugio City, Philippines

  • Southwestern Assemblies of God University


Kendra Strange's Interests & Activities:

On a personal note, Kendra loves to cook farm to table and organic cuisine, is a passionate NFL fan - Go Cowboys! - and enjoys working at local animal shelters. Kendra doesn't have any kids of her own, but her nephews keep her busy year round.